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  •   I was nominated as best blues bass player for the year 2010 by the Dutch Blues Foundation! Read all about the nomination on:

  •  Thank you very much for that!  I never thought that this ever was going to happen!  I had a ball at the Award Winning Gala in Nieuw Vennep on the 9th of April.




  •     Website The BluesCrowns (The band where I play in right now) We had our last gig as "The BluesCrowns" on Venblues the 25th of September 2010.

  •     We changed the name of the band to Deep & The Dudes A lot is going to change in the nearby future, new songs, new website, new logo. Everything is new.....the band members are fresh too!


  •     The Photo's I took during the Chicago Blues Festival 2008 can be found here

Very nice photo's of the Chicago Blues Fest 2008 can be found on: This is the site of Wil Wijnhoven.  A very interesting site for all the Blueslovers. With a special thanks to Leo and Petra Gabriels: Chicago Blues Fest 2008


Chicago Blues Festival 2008




  •     Website The Kingsnakes The Farewell Concert was on the 11th of October 2008. This year we organized the Kingsnakes Bluesfestival on the 24th of September where we played a set.

  •     Website The Generators My former band until the beginning of 2008.

  •     Website Lucy @ the Wigflippers Here I also play bass on a temporarily basis. Last gig was at: An evening with the blues, Tiel, 19th of March 2011.


  •     My trip to Romania in 2006, sponsored by the Technical University of Eindhoven, Mechanical Engineering.


  •     My Photo collection on Webshots