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  • We don't need many equipment to generate the Sound of "The Generators" but we use the right Equipment for the job.


  • "Crazy Pete" Peter plays Gretsch guitars, Gibson ES-335 and Dan Electro guitars. The Gretsch is a genuine '1952' Synchromatic model which produces the so-called T-bone Sound very good. Peter  uses all-tube (pre-) amplifiers 'Bassman', Pro-Junior and 'Vibrolux'  by Fender.
  • I am still searching for "that" vintage sound. If you have any tips or suggestions about vintage guitars and/or sounds please E-mail to:






  • "Moonshine" Arno plays Double Bass. I have three different types of basses: A Musima from Markneukirchen equipped with Velvet Anima Strings. I also use Eurosonic GUT-like Strings excellent for slap and jump. The other Bass is a genuine hand crafted Czech Bass excellent for walking bass in Jazz and Blues equipped with Thomastik-Infeld Spirocore. I recently bought a Lee Rocker Sparkle King from King Double Bass out of Costa Mesa, LA California, US. On this bass I use the same strings as Lee Rocker uses, Jargar Dolce. These steel coated synthetic strings have a very low tension and are easy to play. This Bass has a specially made Jason Burns pick-up system.
  • I changed my pick-up on my other two Basses to K+K Pick-ups. Check this out! By far the most exiting pick-up I ever heard.
  • For practice I often use a Vektor Electric Upright. This bass is easy to carry and sounds great for walking bass in Jazz and Blues, is very easy playable.
  • My amplifiers are Aguilar AG500SC and a Gallien-Krueger MB150S amp for practice and I use a Hevos Compact Set Speaker Cabinet. I think this combination is the best RIG there is in the most compact size. (I used to believe Bag End Speakers were the best compact speakers, but Rob Vos from HEVOS changed my opinion!). Real DUTCH quality speaker cabinets. The vintage '60 VOX style I created myself!




  • "Big Bottom" Peter plays Ludwig drums and for cymbals he uses Zildjian and Bosphorus cymbals. I am looking for VINTAGE Gretsch, Rogers or Ludwig drum sets with large (24" or higher) bass drum. Please feel free to send me an E-mail to:


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