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The Generators Full Size CD called That's It!


Our Full Size CD on the Hell 'n Devil Music label is released on the 15th of April in Cafe de Kroeg, Geldrop, The Netherlands. See also Gigs.



(click on each song to hear a sample, MP3 format)

1. Do it To Me (P. de Wijse) 3:00
2. She's Sweet (R. v.d. Elzen/P. de Wijse) 3:35
3. Singing The Blues (J. Otis) 3:20
4. Our Love Is Mad (P. de Wijse) 2:23
5. Follow The Rule (J. Ace) 3:30
6. Hot Beans & Taco's (P. de Wijse) 3:15
7. Neighbour (tend to your business) (H. Meaux) 3:35
8. Pokerface (P. de Wijse) 2:50
9. Pleading For Love (L. Birdsong) 3:00
10. Where Did I Go Wrong (R. v.d. Elzen/P. de Wijse) 4:45
11. Louise (P. de Wijse) 2:30
12. Cried Last Night (C. Brown) 4:00
13. Long Skirt Baby Blues (T. Walker) 2:30
14. Congo Mombo (Guitar Gable) 2:10
15. I Don't Know Why (W. Jacobs) 3:34


The price of the CD is: 17 Euro (order include shipping!)


To order the CD send a mail to:


Make order payable to:

The Generators, Eindhoven, postbanknr.: 4253591

(we assure prompt delivery when paid, ask for autographs!)


You can order your copy also on: