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  • This is what Clubs and People say about The Generators:


  • In "het Eindhovens Dagblad" after performing at the "Bibberblues Festival": " gitarist en de harpist beschikken over verbluffende kwaliteiten......dit alles onder begeleiding van de aanstekelijke shuffelende, swingende en slepende rhythmsectie....."


  • "L'Esprit blues centre of Rotterdam" "......technisch perfect gespeeld.....Eindelijk eens een band die het niet moet hebben van volume om zich te bewijzen........Een hoog Electric Kings gehalte......"


  • Cafe "de Kroeg":

    Beste muziekvrienden,

    Eerst even terugblikken op de afgelopen weken in DE KROEG ....

    Op 2 november waren er The Generators, die bewezen tot de top te behoren van de west-coast blues in Nederland.



  • "Cafe Wilhelmina Eindhoven"  An E-mail from a person who was at our Gig: My name is Larry Funk and I am the guitar player from Atlanta, USA that was at Wilhelmina's taking pictures on Sunday. We enjoyed your show very, very much. You have a style very similar to one of my favorite Atlanta musicians "Tinsley Ellis".


  • "Het Thema Cafe in Vaals" "................Van alle bands die hier hebben gespeeld zijn jullie onze favoriete band..........." "Comments of some people:.................You're fuckin' great..........How do you do that?......... playing that Double Bass?........"


  • About our Demo-CD: Just an E-mail from a person "................Thanks again very much for giving me a copy of the Generators demo CD. I've really been listening to it a lot. I wanted to say that even though you said this CD was not "professionally" recorded, I think it has a very professional quality. It sounds very balanced from beginning to end and it "flows" very well. By that I mean that the sequence of the songs seems very appropriate ... "She Moves Me" is an excellent opening song.....everything has enough variety to hold the listener's attention.
    On most CD's I can pick out one or two songs that are my favorites, but on this one I really like every song on the CD!  I really like the type of"smoldering" blues and I really enjoy the interplay of the guitar and harmonica. (SMOKIN!) Of course, while I myself am mainly a guitar player, I also have played bass and drums and I know that the bass player and drummer never get the recognition that they deserve. You and Peter really lay down a "rock solid" foundation which makes it much easier for "Crazy Pete" and "Big Rich" to "cut loose" like that. What fun!